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One "Dynamic Dish!"

Andi Frey - Tuesday, February 02, 2010
We were excited about getting to try Dynamic Dish's use of our mushrooms!  Dynamic Dish is located in Atlanta off of Edgewood Avenue, with a mission to cook super tasty/modern/natural and organic dishes.  Check out this delish pic of grilled oyster mushrooms last night! Thanks, Dynamic Dish! Mmm...

Three Pound Mushroom. That's Right.

Andi Frey - Thursday, January 07, 2010
You heard us right. 

Three pounds.

Our lovely, delicate oyster mushrooms have been growing up a storm.  But we were treated to quite a surprise when we discovered this three pound 'shoom amongst the pack.

We don't know if it broke any world records, but it certainly was a record here at the Lodge! It came out looking more like a pretty piece of sculpture than a culinary delicacy! We also wanted to share a recipe for Oyster Mushroom Pasta... we know if we made this recipe with our record-busting mushoom, it would feed the whole farm!